Why and when do I get bonus when I use your services?

In short, we want to reward our customers and encourage them to make the managing of their finances easier. A 0.3% bonus is paid of the total of every invoice, recommendation, and instance some other feature of the service is used. Please note that the maximum bonus for any one invoice is EUR 10. Invoices paid through the economic account do not accumulate bonus.

What is the minimum withdrawal of the bonus?

The minimum withdrawal of the bonus is 10 euros.

What is the value of one bonus point in euros?

One hundred bonus points correspond to one (1,00) euro.

How can the bonus be used and how can it be withdrawn?

You can transfer the bonus onto your bank account by using the mobile application or the online portal. The transfer usually takes 2-6 banking days.

A bonus code is mentioned in connection to registration. What is it?

Each user has a personal bonus code. We will pay you a 5 euro bonus for every new user who has registered into the service by using your personal registration code. An extra 10 euro bonus will be paid for every tenth recommendation. This means that by acquiring only ten new users, you have earned 60 euros!

I made an online purchase but cannot see any bonus on my account. How do I get the bonus?

If the bonus has not been credited onto your account within one banking day, please contact our customer service. Remember to sign in into Mobify before making online purchases. To browse the supported online stores, please click here.

There are several possible reasons why your online purchase has not been credited to your account. The most common reasons are:

  1. You did not go to the store through our website before you confirmed the order.
  2. Not all online stores pay bonus if you used a discount code or some other benefit when you made the order.
  3. You went to the said online store through a link found on some other channel. Online store cookies typically remain active for roughly 24 hours, so if you went to the website by using some other operator's link, their cookie is still active.
  4. The order has been cancelled or returned.

If your bonus has not been credited for one reason or another, please always contact our customer service. We will do out utmost to trace the purchase afterwards.

I have bonus points on my account but cannot transfer them onto my bank account. What do I do?

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount of the bonus is EUR 10 (1000 points). Bonus received from online stores or special offers will first be locked; the bonus will be released for your use once the online store has paid the bonus to us. If you have e.g. cancelled or returned your order before that, also your bonus will be cancelled.

If you know that this is not the reason, please contact our customer service ( and we will find out why the transfer cannot be made.

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