Invoices and payment

How do I get my invoices to the service?

There are several ways to do this, ensuring that you will be able to receive all your invoices to the service.

  1. You can give your consent to concentrate your invoicing to Mobify. Once this is done, all invoices that pass through Mobify's partners will be automaticaally routed to the service. It does not matter if you previously received the invoices by email, as online invoices, or by post.
  2. If the sender is not yet included in our cooperation network, you can use your personal invoicing address, which can be found in your profile (your Mobify username: or your online invoicing address). You can provide this invoicing address to creditors, after which their invoices will be directed to the service as open invoices. You will be notified whenever an invoice has arrived to the service.
  3. Paper invoices can be added to the service via the mobile application by using the camera and bar code reader. 
What is a personal invoicing address?

Our service automatically creates a personal invoicing address for you upon registration. This address will also serve as your username and can be used to order invoices and documents into the service. Your Mobify username and the invoicing address created for you will be your invoicing addresses. They enable companies to direct information to the right person. Your invoicing addresses can be found in your profile.

What does the authorisation to route invoices mean?

Mobify cooperates with Finnish online invoicing operators. The routing of invoices is based on the identification data provided by the customer, which is used to direct the invoices to Mobify. You consent to this by authorising the routing of invoices. The authorisation to route invoices is distributed to all members of our partner network, i.e. no individual companies can be selected. In addition to invoices, also other documents, such as payslips, can be sent to the service.

Which companies' invoices can be received to Mobify?

Any Finnish company's invoices. All companies' invoices can be received or added to Mobify by using the abovementioned methods (see How do I get my invoices to the service?).

The authorisation covers over 80 thousand Finnish companies. The authorisation has been made in cooperation with online invoicing operators, for which reason we cannot name individual companies. We work constantly to expand the scope of the authorisation.

How do I pay invoices in your service?

In Mobify, invoices can be paid easily by confirming the payments by using your personal PIN code. Payments are made from your bank account by using PSD2 interfaces.

What is PSD2 payment?

The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) enables consumers to make payments from their own bank account also via services that are not banks. We have implemented the payment solution in cooperation with the Norwegian Neonomics AS.

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