What is Taloustili?

Taloustili enables you to pay invoices flexibly in instalments in the Mobify service.

You can pay off the credit at your own pace either through minimum payments or as a one-off payment. Taloustili can be applied for in the Mobify service and the credit decision is made in a few weekdays, after which the feature is at your disposal. In the future, the user can pay invoices as normal either by using your bank account or Taloustili.

How do I apply for Taloustili?

1.Sign in into the service by using the mobile application or the online portal.
2.Go to "Taloustili".
3. Fill in the application.
4. For us to be able to open Taloustili for you, we need proof of the source of your income. Please add to your application as a attachment or send it to taloustili@mobify.fi
5. You will receive a decision.

How do I pay off the credit I have used?

You will receive an invoice to the Mobify service and your email address on the first day of the month. The due date is on the 15th of the month. You can pay the invoice either through us or in your own bank.

The minimum instalment is 3 %. You can pay more if you want.

How much Taloustili cost?

The cost of the Taloustili consist of the monthly fee (EUR 2.99), the capital used, and the interest.

Which invoices can be paid by using the Taloustili?

You can not tranfer money from Taloustili to your own bank account or private person. Please note that to make a payment from the Taloustili, an image or an invoice file is needed to verify the details of the creditor.

In which languages the Taloustili is available?

Taloustili is only available in Finnish.

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