Mobify has developed the reception of invoices so that it’s as easy as possible for the consumer. We dare to claim that concentrating your invoices to a single place could not be easier. With one click, you can order invoices from tens of thousands companies to Mobify.

You can pay the invoices from your own bank account. We will always inform you when you receive a new bill and when a due date is approaching. You will be spared from unnecessary payment reminders cost.

And that’s not all. Mobify also archives your invoices and makes statistics on them for you. This way, you can easily monitor and manage your household’s finances.


Sometimes, looking for old warranty receipts may feel hopeless, and when you finally find the real receipt – the ink has already faded. Mobify offers a place where you can save all your important documents so that you’ll always have them with you.

You order documents to be sent directly to Mobify. When you give the sender of the document your personal Mobify username,, you can have any documents sent to the service.

Rewarding bonus system

Mobify offers its customers a rewarding bonus system. Your bonus will be logged to your Mobify account. When you pay your invoices via Mobify, we offer you a bonus of 0.3% of the final sum of each invoice.

When you recommend the service to your friends, acquaintances, and why not even strangers, you can earn significant sums of money. You can freely share your personal recommendation code with others. We will pay you 5 euros for each successful recommendation. You will also receive an additional bonus of 10 euros for every tenth recommendation. This means that 10 successful recommendations will earn you as much as 60 euros.

If you enjoy shopping online, you should also do that via Mobify. Mobify pays you the best bonus on the market. We offer a broad and diverse selection of online shops. All you have to do is to enter your favourite shop via Mobify and shop as you normally would. The online shop will pay us a sales commission on your purchase, which we will share with you, in turn.